Policies, Terms, and Conditions

All training programs, memberships, packages, and private sessions are subject to the policies, terms and conditions below. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.




  • Students should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled training session start time.

  • Lateness (more than 15 minutes after session start time) will result in that session being forfeited and is not eligible for make-up.


Private Training Policies

  • Private sessions must be scheduled at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance through the front desk. No rescheduling will be allowed within twenty-four (24) hours of scheduled lesson time.

  • Being more than fifteen minutes late will result in the forfeiting of your session.

  • Sessions do not carry over from week to week.  If a student misses a scheduled session, that session is forfeit and not subject for makeups.



  • EFT information provided by the member should always be current. All updated financial information must be given to the Bo Law Kung Fu, Inc. as soon as possible to avoid non-payment of tuition dues.
  • Students that are not able to provide valid financial information at time of EFT remission must provide a secondary form of payment that Bo Law Kung Fu, Inc. may keep on file for future transactions.
  • Members are required to update their personal information (i.e., address or phone number, etc.) and billing information if there are any changes by accessing their accounts on mindbody .
  • Unused tuition payments are forfeited and non-redeemable after the length of the tuition period from the received date of disbursement
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all payments for memberships, packages, and private sessions are 100% non-refundable once paid


Finance Charges

  • Any payments remitted over (15) days after the due date are subject to a 10% late fee penalty.



  • Unless explicitly stated within contract terms, Membership Freeze Policy is only available to students who enroll in BLKF Traditional Programs.
  • Tuition Freezes are applicable for students in exceptional circumstances, such as severe illness or injury, and are considered on an individual basis.
  • The freeze rate for all program members may vary based upon membership contract type, and extends the end date of the contract for the amount of months frozen.



  • A minimum of (30) calendar days of advance written notice is required for any requests for cancellation of membership.
  • There are no refunds for any payments made for a calendar month or year if the member has participated in one or more training classes for that term.
  • Students that wish to cancel their membership must pay the applicable early termination fee, as noted within the signed contract agreement, in order to close their account with Bo Law Kung Fu, Inc.


Subject to Change

  • Tuition, fees, and policies written above are subject to change, with advance notification given to all active members.


Should you have other questions or concerns about these policies, please email us at mgt@bolawkungfu.com.