Sifu Andre Bowen

Instructs: BLKFtraditional

Sifu André has over 20 years experience in Kung Fu and is the Chief Instructor at Bo Law Kung Fu.

Like many from his generation Andre grew up watching martial movies in his native Barbados.  He moved to NYC and that continued with Saturday afternoon Kung Fu movies.  After high school Andre joined the Marine Corp Reserve and after 8 years was discharged honorably as an E-5.  

Ask Sifu Andre what Bo Law Kung Fu has helped him to be and he'll say; 'It's helped me to be a better artist and a better human being.  Sifu has helped me to understand my real potential and actualize it.  When given the honor to teach that's what I try to give back.".

He currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt and is a disciple to Master Koh and a full-time professional Kung Fu instructor.