Master Paul Koh

Over the last 30 years, Sifu Paul Koh has dedicated his life to the art of Kung Fu. As a young teen, his heart was captivated by the spirit and energy of this ancient art form. From the world famous Wong Fei Hong to Grandmaster Tak Wah Eng, Sifu Koh is internationally recognized as one of today's most accomplished and influential Kung Fu teachers. He is well versed in all aspects of Kung Fu form, weaponry and Chinese culture. . In addition to teaching and practicing Kung Fu, Sifu Koh is a respected writer who has published several texts and DVDs about the art of Kung Fu and whose work has been featured in many martial arts magazines. 


Hand-picked by Master Koh, all our instructors have undertaken years of rigorous training prior to becoming a certified Sifu (head instructor). To preserve the school’s high ideals, these individuals continually train every week with Master Koh to maintain and refine their self-defense techniques, instructional methods and motivational tools. Our instructors are all held to Master Koh’s high standard of quality which ensures that our members receive the very best in Kung Fu instruction.