Bo Law Kung Fu is one of the most effective and efficient forms of self-defense available. You learn your entire body is the weapon, developing the ability to defend yourself against assailants much larger and stronger than yourself. Hand, elbow, knee, and foot techniques are taught based on their effectiveness and practical application in street situations.



Our Kung Fu weapons are a true extension not only of our barehanded forms, but also of the students themselves. Each weapon is like a new teacher exploring another subject in the vast art of Kung Fu. The individual weapons have their own techniques and strategies on how to be used. 



Students who participate in this program are committed to excelling and attaining a high level of proficiency in our art. In this program you can aspire to achieve the rank of Hark Dai (Black Belt) within 3 to 5 years.  Your commitment and consistency.

Entry into our Black Belt Program is by invitation extended to our established basic training students. In addition to the rigorous physical aspect of your training, you will be exposed to the cultural, philosophical and spiritual aspects of martial arts training.

Sifu and his instructors will look after every aspect of your training and will stay with you on this life long journey. Black Belt Program Students are strongly encouraged to take at least 2 private lessons per month with a senior instructor.



Attaining the rank of black belt is the first step; it is a small victory in your journey of Kung Fu training. This is a journey towards progression, which means, synchronizing the mind, body and spirit. Working towards the higher levels of black belt means not only striving for a higher understanding of the art of Kung Fu, but also cultivating the total person.

Our Master Program is a 6 to 9 year invitation-only program for black belt students. 

In the master program, you will strive for the correct approach to developing and practicing the art. Students will be expected fulfill significant responsibilities and duties within the school. You will training directly with Sifu and his senior instructors and your progress will not only be dependent on the hours you put into your training, but also on what you contribute to the school and the system.


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